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Miller Property Solutions Inc.

The "Tree Guy" your neighbours recommend.


Tree removal is thought to be a very expensive and disruptive process.

Its not. Most trees can be removed in a day and cost less than $1000.

Our crew will come in and dismantle the tree and remove the body wood and chip the brush. The removal is followed by a full cleanup of the grounds.

The homeowner can save money by looking after the cleanup, such as raking up the leaves and small twigs and or keeping the body wood for themselves or their friends.


I use a very straight forward pricing guide. I start with a measurement of the trunk diameter one foot from the ground. This gives a base price to start with, if the homeowner is looking to save money they may opt to look after the cleanup of the leaves and the fallen twigs and or look after disposing of the body wood.

This is a breakdown of my pricing guide:

(this is based on the diameter measure one foot above the ground)


$20/inch if less than 15"

$25/inch 15-24"

$30/inch 25" and bigger


$30/inch if less than 15"

$35/inch 15-19"

$40/inch 20-24"

$45/inch 25-29"

$50/inch 30-39"

$60/inch 40" and bigger

PLEASE NOTE: If the tree overhangs a building or shed the tree will have to be rigged down in sections, there is a 1.5 times multiplier used in this case.

Example 1.

A homeowner has a pine tree overhanging their house and a fence. The base measurement is 18".

18" x $25=$450

$450 x 1.5=$675

For this example I used the 1.5 multiplier because the tree limbs and pieces will have to be rigged down.

This is the price point I would start at and then discount accordingly depending on the homeowners involvement.

Example 2.

A homeowner has a maple tree in the front yard very little rigging is needed and the base measurement is 21"

21" x $40=$840

No multiplier was used, so $840 is the price point I would start at.

This pricing is guide is meant to give the homeowner a way to calculate the costs involved with the removal of a tree.

The number one priority with any tree removal is the safety of my crew and the surrounding property.

Please know that this guide is for you, the homeowner, to have a rough estimate of what a removal will cost.

This in no way constitutes a binding quote.

To book a quote or to answer any questions you may have, please call Dan Miller at 519-577-5935, or use the "contact me" form at the bottom of the page.